I wrote an overlong reply to a commenter on another blog post about Twitter, and I don’t think I’ve ever written about Twitter on here, so I’m posting it.

Twitter is exactly what you want it to be. You curate it. You choose who to follow. You choose what you see. You choose what you learn. And it can be a little clunky getting there, I won’t lie. But it can also be fun and wondrous: finding some new source of information that tickles you, and diving down their rabbit hole (who they follow, for a start) to find even more people with deep knowledge about a subject you may have felt very few people cared about in the way you do. You never have to see anything you don’t want to. (In settings, you can choose to have Twitter make suggestions. Choose not to.) Some people rush to what’s trending. I don’t usually care. (But occasionally, I actually do, and that’s fun, too.) Twitter is crammed full of total idiots. That’s true. But it’s also a place where a whole lot of the best minds on earth congregate to broaden their knowledge, try out ideas, and share what they know best.

What’s really up with CDC COVID-19 testing

Kate Greenaway illustrated Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, and her “Ring Around the Rosie” – and my mother’s creepy, captivating, great-storyteller tale of what lay behind it – made me permanently hooked on plagues. Plus, I have a very weird but very real feel for pathogens. Always have.

Yes, the best thing on Twitter right now is a TicToc

This is Krissychula and yeah, she’s good. All of her stuff is good. And yes, elizabethwarren.youjustgotknockedthefuckout.org does link to ElizabethWarren.com because Elizabeth Warren is awesome and has a sense of humor.

Why @Jack is never, ever going to suspend Trump’s Twitter account

— so the constant whining about it is just, you know, whining. The Trump Exception Quit quoting the Twitter Rules. You’re missing the only one that counts: the public interest exception. “ Twitter generally actions Tweets that violate our rules. However, we recognize that sometimes it may be in the public interest to allow people…

Putin and Trump: they agree on so much. Especially on the particulars of their opinion of McCain… and its very Vietnam-centric core. (I would at least re-record my awful intro reading if I had saved the original)

Unnecessary update: One reason this is so awful is that it was hell trying to fit the translations into such narrow spaces. Until I made this, which pinned me into tight clips, time-wise, it never occurred to me that compared to Russian, English is incredibly roomy. (And Putin does not speak particularly fast. I wouldn’t…

Entertainment for Armageddon; Date: 03/04/17 – Event: Trump tweets about wiretapping

Date: 03 March 2017 Event: Trump tweets that Obama ordered a “tapp” on his phone Conclusion: Wait, you mean Trump thinks the election process is “very sacred?” NIGHTMARES In cooperation with Boeing, Northrup Grummond, Pat Robertson, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton,  ExxonMobile, Nabisco, Monsanto, Devon Energy and Satan Present Entertainment for Armageddon 03/04/17 SNL to the rescue Jeff Sessions…