Putin and Trump: they agree on so much. Especially on the particulars of their opinion of McCain… and its very Vietnam-centric core. (I would at least re-record my awful intro reading if I had saved the original)

Unnecessary update: One reason this is so awful is that it was hell trying to fit the translations into such narrow spaces. Until I made this, which pinned me into tight clips, time-wise, it never occurred to me that compared to Russian, English is incredibly roomy. (And Putin does not speak particularly fast. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he speaks slowly, but I unquestionably had to speak much faster than I normally do, and definitely faster than he does. He leaves a little room to let things sink in. I didn’t have that luxury. I had to tape each part several times to get it fast enough.)

I remembered having to translate this entire program a couple of winters ago, and considering Trump’s really disgusting Tweetstorm of this weekend brutalizing a dead senator who – whether you agreed with him or not, served our country and believed in honor and duty – I realized it was just one more opinion where Trump echoes Putin, in disagreement with most Americans:

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