“The Problem is Those Assholes Make Too Much Sense” Jane Sanders on CNN

The problem the MSM has always had with Bernie is that he makes too much sense, and therefore is a threat to their entire business model.

 I’m going to keep repeating this until it takes:

֍  Exactly what demographic of CNN’s audience is Boeing targeting with their consistently enormous ad buys?  ֍

The coveted 18 – 30 market?

Stupid, right? Of course not! How could I even insult your intelligence with such ridiculous nonsense when we all know that CNN owns the exclusive rights to insult your intelligence with that level of insulting nonsense!

But neither are they targeting CNN’s primary audience; the AARP group.

No retired old lady is yelling to her deaf husband off in the kitchen scooping  ice cream during the commercial break:

“Honey? Honey? That commercial was just on again and they say Medicare will pay for you to get your scooter. No money out of pocket. And they negotiate with Medicare, just like I told you. Remember? Didn’t I tell you that?”

“Yes, you did tell me that.”

“Also, honey? Honey, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, the scooter. Medicare. No out of pocket.”

“Yeah, and also… honey? Honey?”

“Yes, darling?”

“Can you hear me in there? You’re wearing your hearing aid, right? Remember, you promised!”

“Yes, darling. I’m wearing it; I can hear you. What is it?”

“Did you know Boeing has a new Dreamliner?”

Keep in mind that the mainstream “news” media not only has incalculable conflicts of interest baked into their business models, they, in fact, have diametrically opposing interests to the best interests of the country.

And here Jane Sanders calmly and powerfully points that out using the magic of FACTS and COMMON SENSE

(Boeing refused comment on the matter, but says the master bedroom in the newest Dreamliner model is unrivaled in Senior Citizen Mobility.)

JS: We need to be able to discuss the issues without demonizing the opponent, and honestly, Wolf, I think the media needs to look at itself, as well.

The media characterizes every conversation as an adversarial one.

Your job – the media’s job – I think,

is to illuminate the facts not fan the flames.

And the media continues to cover the latest scandal, the latest “back and forth,”

but not the issues so much—

WB: Let me interrupt, Jane. With all due respect, if a president or a senator or someone with authority is making very, very strong statements, do you want us to simply ignore those statements? If there’s a social media post, a Tweet, and the president says something really, really strong; or if a Senator – Bernie Sanders – says this is the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country, do you want us to censor —

JS: No–

WB: those words as part of the news media?

JS: No —

WB: What are you suggesting?

JS: I’m suggesting that just like the Democrats and the Republicans and the Independents and the progressives are all thinking about what happened in this presidential race the media needs to do some self-reflection as well. 

At this point it is as if electrophoreses has been performed, separating sense from transparent, blinders based propagandized nonsense.

“It is the privilege of truth to make itself believed.”

Jane Sanders proves Emerson’s maxim again.

How Serene Gets Distracted (it’s for the best in this case)

Went from James Brown to of course, the rip-off evolutions – Michael Jackson/Elvis Presley down through what is still the now only intimidating dance in my existence,

Ed Sheeran’s official “Don’t” video

and somehow still end up at a video with no dancing in it at all.

Yet I think it’s worth it.

(I still have to go back to dancing. But you don’t. So for me, please enjoy your guiltless, non-dancing video.)

GAME OF WITS. May the best idea win. Buckle up, assholes. (*Even if said asshole is a relation.)


eurorail pass

“The Soviets didn’t come into Afghanistan on a Eurorail Pass. They came in T-55 tanks.”


Game of wits. Fought with words.



But how terroristic of me.

Freedom of thought has been disallowed here so long – I get it, but it is easy to forget how far Americans live from reality.

It’s was unthoughtful in the extreme. I deeply apologize.

Throw me in a cell like Barrett. Or Chelsey or Ed or  whoever.

Disappear me.

Make me “hang” myself like Aaron or turn my car into a random inferno like Mike H.

It doesn’t matter.

(You’ old guys are so fucking slow that even I am embarrassed for you.)

I am not thinking 20 moves ahead, you dickheads.

We are not thinking 20 moves ahead, you dickheads.

I’m thinking 20 cascading algorithms ahead, you old, unimaginative pieces of shit.

We are thinking 20 cascading algorithms ahead, you old, unimaginative pieces of shit.

You get that?

It bears repeating, especially as your ilk does tend to be extraordinarily slow, generally.

(And by “your ilk” I mean murderers and necrophiliac, specifically.)

Let me repeat myself:

We are not thinking 20 moves ahead.

We are thinking 20 cascading algorithms ahead.

We are thinking 20 cascading algorithms ahead, you old, unimaginative pieces of shit.

And of me and my friends, I’m the fucking idiot of the group.

We are your worst fucking nightmare.

And we’re here to change the world.


We are all the motherfucking Nerdy Looking Kid in the White Shirt.

This is how we play chess and you don’t wanna trade queens with us.

Going after Project PM was not random and we all know that. And by we I mean WE.

What about Hydra don’t you get?

Then again, I suppose I’m the one screaming at the Black Hole as it warps irreparably from matter into antimatter.

The fact that I understand the futility of my anger doesn’t erase the anger and pain that still sometimes wells up in me when at all the destruction you have winched into humanity overflows and crowds out any possible rationality.

Perhaps, some days, that pain is the only way to wade back into my uncomfortable humanity; and I need that, I think.

Because humanity is the only hope I see for, well, you know…



How We Play Chess: version Well, We Had Really Better Be Getting On With It, Then


alice fight like a girl

So, you’ll probably be needing a look here to move forward.

How We Play Chess : You Don’t Wanna Trade Queens With Me

If you are not a chess hound, trust me, it doesn’t matter.

It’s only the metaphor we’ll be needing.

So if the Queen is the target, of course, this switches everything.

And if you are still thinking about her buzzing around the chessboard, if you are still thinking about her at all, you have missed it entirely.

Who should we really be focusing on?

The most powerful character has not lost any power; she can still move all around, do everything she could always do, but by simply

changing our aim

as in crosshairs, as in focusing on the actual threat, we have completely shifted the balance of power where it really counts, in the first place one should always look in any battle, any confrontation, any war. The King is shit. The king is a figurehead.

Is there such a thing as a Crown Coup?

No, of course not.

There are military coups.

Band of Blood Brothers with weapons and secrets and power that they very much like and very much intend to keep. They are not a democratic organization. They are not elected by the people. They are not swayed by popular opinion. They do not care what the public thinks. What in the fuck does an elected official matter to them?

Well, I suppose it could make for a good


Speaking of chess, of course.

So fuck the King. He’s a brilliant distraction but the queen has the weapons so keep your fucking focus.

Speaking of chess, of course.

So keep your mind where one must keep one’s mind in a battle, and if this is not a battle please, do tell me what the fuck it is?

And look, for those who have seen too much, who live with the guilt of knowing they plowed the fields for death to be sown and blood to be grown you must not retreat from the word battle, because you know they won’t. War as some know it, war as some have seen it, not like it is in the news, or the movies, but inside the true necrophilia buffet that war actually is, how could those who have seen that not pull back from words like battle? Words like war?

Well, there is no word like war, is there?

Speaking of chess, of course.

Unfortunately, it’s a war we’ve got and it’s a war we’re losing. The moral question isn’t whether to admit it, the moral question isn’t whether to fight, the only question is the means.

It’s a bit late for conscientious objection. I’ll take the conscientious, we’ll definitely be needing that. NIL MAGNUM NISI BONUM is our creed.

“Be ye as innocent as doves and as cunning as vipers,” I think someone said a couple of thousand years ago, or something.

So no sidelining. You’re already in this, already fighting valiantly, and now we’re here and we’re fighting a powerful, nimble, fire-breathing bitch.

One doesn’t fight fire with fire. One doesn’t fight fire by screaming “FIRE” although battle cries are necessary. One fights fire with water. Or something like that.

Speaking of chess, of course.

Now, back to the focus. Which is not the queen, not at first, not yet. She is not in space. She is on a board and there is not a single square she can not occupy. So we know all that. That’s cursory for now.

It is who suddenly becomes the biggest threat to the queen that is fascinating. How a board you think you know so well can shift immediately, simply by a change in an aim. An incremental one at that, because the King was always a scarecrow, a distraction. Everyone knows that, but the rule is that the king is the target. The rule is that the king is the aim.

Except the superseding rule is there are no fucking rules.

Speaking of chess, of course.

I mean, are you kidding me? Rules? How very quaint.

And so now the rule is the queen is the aim. No divided loyalties anymore. No crossed purposes. No scarecrows. Just the same board with the same pieces and a more narrow aim. The right aim.

Suddenly everything is different. The balance of power is toppled. Now suddenly the biggest threat on the board, the biggest threat to the queen –  prideful power behind the throne; that weaponized, murdering, destructive bitch – is a bunch of stupid fucking weakling


Speaking of chess, of course.





American Hustle: the critical line

“Also, always take a favor over money. I think Jesus said that as well.”              

                           ლ “Irving Rosenfield”/Christian Bale