Yes, you absolutely should watch The Wire. And no, I don’t give AF if it’s “your type” of show. Unless “your type” just simply excludes greatness.

Look, it ain’t necessarily my typical genre, either. My first choice in anything tends toward snobbish, but I can be pulled into violence and grit. If that violence and grit is great.

The Wire is great. It’s that simple.

As an example of tossing type for greatness, take Pulp Fiction…

…Pulp Fiction is essentially the one movie I will not rate on Netflix, because it’s so violent that it totally fucks up my entire recommendation algorithm.

But make no mistake, Pulp Fiction is, in my opinion, one of the best movies ever made.

So, while I don’t talk about movies much on here and definitely don’t seem like the cop show fan…

…I have talked a whole fuck of a lot about chess and it’s one of my favorite metaphors. So rather than just telling you that you should watch The Wire because it’s a work of art, let me let D’Angelo – nephew of “the kingpin” and much loved family member, kicked back down to learn a few lessons and pay some penance – make his own chess analogy, while exhibiting what makes The Wire so uniquely, deliciously, and inexhaustibly brilliant.

The Wire: chess

Arts and theatre critique is not my forte, but there really is no excuse not to watch “The Wire.” Watch it because it’s so deliciously good that it rises above genre and taste. Watch it because we so rarely get to observe greatness, and it’s always beautiful to see.

YouTube: The Famous “FuckScene: Old Cases

And, for more reading – VULTURE: An Oral History of The Wire’s Unforgettable Five Minute F*ck Scene

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