Yes, you absolutely should watch The Wire. And no, I don’t give AF if it’s “your type” of show. Unless “your type” just simply excludes greatness.

So rather than just telling you that you should watch “The Wire” because it’s a work of art, let me let D’Angelo – nephew of “the kingpin” and much loved family member, kicked back down to learn a few lessons and pay some penance – make his own chess analogy, while exhibiting what makes “The Wire” so uniquely, deliciously, and inexhaustibly brilliant.

What do you do with the leftovers of your mental wind-downs? 🎨 well, if you’ve got a blog…

And so what does one do when, at the end of that senseless state of reasonless wandering, one is left with some thing, some tangible tidbit – like a cheap souvenir from a place you never wanted to go? What do you do with that thing?


Heed to my warning before you move out
And don’t cross your guns with her quick-trigger mouth
She’s the infamous myth of the Indian South
She’s got game-playing, slick talking, dual-barreled lips
Revolver, revolving, dual-barreled hips
She’s the 38-Special of LSD trips