Key to speeding up Carbon sequestration discovered

This was awesome. Just saying. Re-upping it just because there’s lots of “clean coal” NOx data coming out from E.P.A. right now and turns out we’re spending billions in federal subsidies to make coal emissions worse.

I’m behind in my solar cell MOOC, too. I really only have one specific question, anyway. I don’t care about completing the whole fucking course. I just need to know one specific thing.

See, I start talking about coming out of my foxhole and then immediately revert back to the safety of obscure fucking science.

In fact, obscure fucking science is my foxhole.

Key to speeding up carbon sequestration discovered:

Scientists at Caltech and USC have discovered a way to speed up the slow part of the chemical reaction that ultimately helps the earth to safely lock away, or sequester, carbon dioxide into the ocean. Simply adding a common enzyme to the mix, the researchers have found, can make that rate-limiting part of the process go 500 times faster. 

A paper about the work appears online the week of July 17 ahead of publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Image credit: Adam Subhas/Caltech
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