Batmish explains what that thing in the sky was. I need convincing. He convinces.

I ask: Batmish, what is it?

He answers: Venus.

“Venus is 25° up in the southeast, about one hour before sunrise).

But I see this, and grab onto it:

So he goes full-bore.

An awesome mythic photo:Plus video, more photos, links, explanation and definition, ending with:

“And of course, as I told you already, I sensed your moonstalking presence. A lot of others around the world did also.”

It was a pretty awesome email. Emails – plural, really – but the second was impressive enough to overwhelm the first.)

I knew I asked the right person.

I hope you’re lucky enough to have a Batmish in your life, too. (Then again, that’s statistically improbable and realistically impossible. There’s just one of him. He is a weird-ass grab bag of qualities that always remains unexpected.)

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