My Batmish crate is so awesome!

I was going to go into a whole thing of material possessions and the idea of value, but that’s unnecessary.

All I want to do is rejoice in this awesome fucking drink crate. See how flat it is? It’s like that on both sides, by the way.

Here’s one I saw online:I knew it was awesome when I saw it because every other drink crate I’ve found is unstable, not flat from either side, and therefore super-limited in use. Like this:But not this one I got with Batmish!

I would have taken two except they were covered in ice.

(Batmish expressed some concern that perhaps the store wanted them, but having moved in here with nothing I am seriously crate-experienced. They do not want them, and are, in fact, all too happy to have anyone lessen their stack of never-ending crate trash. But even if you don’t buy that, I think it’s a safe bet that piles of plastic stacked outside & covered in ice are officially orphaned and up for adoption.

And I just fell more in love with my free piece of plastic.

Check it out!

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